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Global trotting cyclist tells Tanzanians to preserve, protect environmental

Global trotting cyclist tells Tanzanians to preserve, protect environmental

A GLOBAL environmental activist from India, who is currently traveling across the world on a bicycle, Dr Raj Phanden has arrived in Tanzania, with a strong message to Tanzanians community to preserve and protect the world's nature/environment.

The activist, popularly known as "CycleBaba” who started his long journey from Bhuna (Fatehabad District-India, five years ago, said “Tanzanians should use all possible means to preserve the environment…everybody is duty-bound to protect the environment against all forms of destruction.”

In an interview with journalists in Dar es Salaam, Dr Phanden said upon his arrival three days ago, he met with members of non-profit organisations involved environmental protection --Lions Club of Dar es Salaam and TMJ Hospital leaders, during which, he exchanged notes and share his experience on global mission to sensitize the world on the importance of environmental protection.

Narrating his unique story on how and when he started the journey, Dr Phanden said “I started back in 2016 with a mission titled - Wheels for Green, from India on a Bicycle only to travel across the Globe to create awareness on: environmental pollution, Global warming, Climate change and its effect on the Human race Encourage Plantation.”

“Beginning my journey from my hometown, Bhuna in Haryana, I have covered more than 61000km in a time period of 5years on a Bicycle only,” he said, adding that he has completed 60 countries on the bicycle.

Presently, he said “I am in Tanzania continuing my ride entitled “Cairo to Cape Town”.

After completing the whole Africa continent, I am planning to cover South America and North America.

My mission is to complete the world on my bicycle in the next coming years.” Asked when exactly he plans to complete his mission, he said: “My intention is to complete this journey by 2030…Am quite optimistic that my dreams would be realised, since God is with me, Am always praying for his help.”

On his visit to each and every country, he has planted almost 100, 000 trees to create more awareness and also to encourage local people to save the environment by planting trees.

Additionally, Dr. Phanden has been also conducting seminars in schools and colleges in the respective countries to create awareness to save our earth “Unfortunately, last year due to Covid-19, I had to pause my journey and returned back to India.

Now, as the conditions are getting better, I have started continuing my journey to cover Africa Continent from Cairo to Cape Town.” Yesterday, the global environmental activist started his journey to Kilimanjaro, expecting to arrive in the Northern region around September 28th

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