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Isle to construct 220km feeder roads

Isle to construct 220km feeder roads

THE contract for construction of the 220-kilometre feeder roads in Zanzibar’s rural and urban streets is almost ready for signing, President Hussein Mwinyi declared here yesterday.

“We have firm strategies to develop all our feeder roads to tarmac level; we no longer need gravel roads,” President Mwinyi said, adding: “The contract for the construction project is ready; it’s now in the Attorney General’s office for final touches.”

Launching the newly constructed Chama Cha Mapinduzi’s (CCM) Sebleni branch offices in Kwahani constituency in Unguja, Dr Mwinyi implored all Zanzibaris to work hard, saying the government is determined to solve the citizens’ social and economic problems.

“We have massive plans to address social and economic problems that haunt wananchi,” he said, citing the Indian funded water project, which he said would completely address water woes in Urban West region’s three districts—Magharibi A, Magharibi B and Central.

In health, the president said the revolutionary government was expecting to receive 100 million US dollars (over 230bn/-) under the Covid-19 impact mitigation programme. The money will be directed into improvement of health facilities and services.

“Good things are being planned; good things are coming,” Dr Mwinyi told a public rally in his former constituency, which he had led for 15 years.

He pleaded with the islanders to remain patient as the government was instituting stern disciplinary measures, including dismissal, against underperforming public servants. He said the measures were well intentioned and aimed at bullying nobody.

“I know that some of the disciplinary measures the government is instituting against errant public servants harm some people but we have to because there is no option,” he said, elaborating that the goal is to intensify the government performance.

“Few people should never be left to amass wealth and befit at the expense of majority poor,” charged Dr Mwinyi.

He described the office construction as implementation of the ruling CCM’s 2020—2025 election manifesto, which propagated strengthening provision of social services to wananchi.

Kwahani Member of the House of Representatives Yahya Rashid Abdulla attributed the successful construction of the imposing party offices to the party members’ solidarity. “Our solidarity is the secret behind this successful project,” he added.

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Author: MASATO MASATO in Zanzibar 

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