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Z'bar anti -corruption efforts pay dividends  

Z'bar anti -corruption efforts pay dividends  

ONGOING efforts   by the Zanzibar government to fight corruption have started yielding positive results, as the archipelago records improved financial discipline.

 President Hussein Mwinyi said here on Friday that deliberate efforts being taken by his government against corrupt practices in public offices are yielding fresh insights.

"The closing of embezzlement loopholes and controlling theft of government funds has improved financial discipline, protection and saving public funds," President Mwinyi said during the Friday mass prayers held at the Masjid (Mosque) Mahfoudh, Mazizini Street, Urban West Region.

He said that his government deployed various measures to fight the vice so that all the funds could be channeled to the government coffers to benefit majority in the isles.

President Mwinyi said corruption is an obstacle to effective functioning of the government because some few dishonest civil servants have been engaging in corrupt businesses for their personal interests.

"Corrupt practices include bribery, fraud, embezzlement, nepotism, and misappropriation of public assets and property for personal benefits," he said.

The President emphasized on financial discipline among public servants to enable the government get enough funds for the implementation of development projects such as water, education, road infrastructure and electricity among others.

"We struggle to get funds through revenue collection which must be properly managed so that it can be used for the benefit of the majority of people. Every public servant must be accountable and committed to serve the people," Dr Mwinyi said.

 President Mwinyi however reminded Zanzibaris on the need to strengthen peace and unity.

He explained that peace in the country is often shaken during the elections, so it is good to pray to God so that they can uphold peace.

In addition, Dr Mwinyi talked about combating evil practices in society, including the abuse of women and children; and strengthening the war against illicit drugs, along with abiding by religious teachings.

 He also stressed the need for people to continue taking precautions against Covid-19 and continue to pray to God so that the war against the pandemic is won. He said that the virus has not only affected people's health, but also economies of nations, including Zanzibar.

Earlier in his Friday prayers, the mosque's secretary Sheikh Ali Abdulrahman emphasized the need for Muslims to continue being responsible citizens and honour leaders while maintaining the fight against sexual abuse of women and children.

Since he assumed office, President Mwinyi vowed to intensify his crusade against corruption, theft and embezzlement of public resources.

The President pledged to remain firm against deceitful public servants, charging that all stolen money from the government will finally be returned.

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    If Zanzibar wants to combat corruption, its leaders should read "African Politics, The Corruption of Power, 2nd edition, 2021.

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