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Tarura to upgrade more roads in Katavi

Tarura to upgrade more roads in Katavi

THE government has allocated a total of 15.3 bn/- to Tanzania Rural and Urban Agency (Tarura) in Katavi Region for upgrading a total of 2,475 kilometers roads during 2021/ 22 financial year.

The budget has increased from 6.1bn/- allocated in the last financial year to 15.3 bn/- for this financial year, being an increment of 9.2 bn/-.

The Katavi Tarura Regional Coordinator, Engineer, Innocent Mlay disclosed that during the 17th meeting of Regional Road Board (RRB) held here yesterday under the chairperson of Regional Commissioner (RC) Ms Mwanamvua Mrindoko.

While opening the RRB meeting the RC issued a three month ultimatum to Tarura and Tanroads to finish   rehabilitating all roads which were scheduled for accomplishment during the last financial year.

" We are gratefully to the sixth phase administration's gesture for beefing up the budget of  Tarura in the region from 6.1bn/- allocated in the  last  financial year to 15.3 bn/-  for this  year", he said..

" This noble gesture  done to us by the government  will tremendously facilitate Tarura on rehabilitation of road project mostly in the rural areas and subsequently ease the movement of people and trades as well as farmers with easily transport their goods and produces " she emphasized.


Equally, Katavi Tanroads Regional Manager, Engineer, Martin Mwakabende briefed the meeting that more than 13.38 bn/- has been allocated to the road agency for the rehabilitation of bridges and roads spanning to 1121.78 kilometers during the 2021/2022 financial year.

Members of RRB meeting argued Tanroads and Tarura to ensure the road projects are implemented as per required standards.

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Author: PETI SIYAME in Mpanda

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