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Samia demands tangible results

Samia demands tangible results

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has emphatically tasked her appointees to justify their capabilities by positively impacting on the citizens and bear tangible results.

“What I want to see is that services we offer really bring results to the citizens. We are here to serve the citizens…so we must really work hard,” the President said, yesterday at Chamwino State House in Dodoma, while swearing in four new ministers and Attorney General.

Elaborating, she told them to re-arrange themselves in a manner that will deliver services to the people, they are meant to serve.

The President said during her six months at the helm of the state, she chose to be quiet and calm to study all the ministries on how they operate, adding: “I have noticed that there are several things that needed changes.

“Being quiet and calm….I was taking time to study ministries and ministers and some of their subordinates took the opportunity as a loophole to start doing, what they wanted. Though some kept working hard and proved their capacity.”

She said in leadership, a leader can use either ‘carrot or stick’ approach or both to make people keep pace on track.

“I have decided to make my choice… where we are heading, we will operate with tough actions not tough words…everyone should play his or her role,” she told the appointees.

She said they should not expect her scolds publicly, because they are adults, who should reason and do right things.

Explaining further, the head of State further told them that their appointments did not mean that they were the best of all out there, but their capability would be seen in the course of the journey.

“Go and work diligently and continue from where your predecessors ended, and where you think need changes do it quickly because time is not with us,” she pointed out.

Referring to one of the new appointees, Dr Stergomena Tax who holds the position of Minister for Defence and National Service, she said: “I have tried to do away with taboo or myth that the defence ministry is reserved for men. The work of a minister in that ministry is not to carry firearms or bombs, but rather coordinate and supervise implementation of policies.”

The President said she appointed Dr Tax because of her high ability and experience(s) acquired while serving as Secretary General of the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

“During her tenure in SADC, she managed well to supervise issues of security in the regional bloc. With experiences she got while handling security matters, I hope she would help us in that area….she knows about our soldiers participating in peace keeping mission in countries like Mozambique, DRC,” added the President.

Commenting on some structural changes in two ministries, especially by shifting the Information Department from the previous ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sport to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Ms Samia said she wanted to combine all issues of information in one docket.

The other reason was that to give more push in promoting Arts, Sports and Culture, because they were dominated by issues of information, mainly the media sector.

On Sunday, President Samia made a mini cabinet reshuffle and appointed Dr Tax as the new Defence and National Service Minister, replacing the late Elias Kwandikwa, who passed on early last month.

January Makamba returns to the cabinet as the Minister for Energy, replacing Dr Medard Kalemani, who has served the post since October 2017. Makamba, a legislator for Bumbuli constituency, last served in the cabinet in 2019 as Union Affairs and Environment Minister.

The President also reinstated Prof Makame Mbarawa as the Minister for Works and Transport, replacing Dr Leonard Chamuriho.

Prof Mbarawa worked as the Minister for Works, Transport and Communication between 2015 and 2018. His last post was the Minister for Water and Irrigation, a position he served between 2018 and 2020.

Dr Ashatu Kijaji was appointed as the Minister for Communication and Information Technology, replacing Dr Faustine Ndugulile.

The President has also appointed Dr Eliezer Feleshi as new Attorney General, succeeding Prof Adelardus Kilangi, who has been appointed ambassador. Prior to his appointment, Dr Feleshi was the Principal Judge of the High Court of Tanzania.

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