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President Samia goes tough on ministers

President Samia goes tough on ministers

President Samia Suluhu Hassan has warned leaders of laxity and demanded for hard work that bears fruits to the society.

Speaking today during a swearing-in ceremony of the newly appointed Ministers at Chamwino State House, President Samia said she expects to see changes in the society as a symbol of their hard work. 

“When I say I want to see results I refer to all ministers. I want you to reorganize yourselves and let us see what services you are rendering to the people” President Samia said.

“We are here to serve the people. Go work with speed from where your colleagues have left, if you see there is a need to make adjustments write to us and will discuss, and guide you on how to implement. But don't be afraid to make adjustments, I want you to move fast,” the President added

The Head of State expressed disappointment with some operations in various ministries while promising to keep on making adjustments in her cabinet of ministers.

During the first six months of my presidency, she said “I tried to be quiet and stayed calm learning how Ministries and their Deputies, Permanent Secretaries and their Deputies operates… I would say a lot has to be rectified,” President Samia said

“As we move forward our government will be led by strong actions and not harsh words. When I say strong actions I mean providing the required services to the people. Let everyone do his responsibility”

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