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Tourism over tradition in Tanzania

Tourism over tradition in Tanzania

EXPERIENCE the friendly hospitality of charming Tanzanian people as you visit their beautiful country which is rich in culture. With over 120 resident different tribes, there is plenty of culture and color to be found in all areas of Tanzania.

At the sites you will encounter all kinds of natural beauty, including: rain forests, big waterfalls, magnificent views, lots of wild life, without forgetting the charming Tanzanians themselves.

Your cultural tour will directly support the villages’ desire to become more self-sufficient, preserve and promote their indigenous culture as well as aid environmental conservation efforts.

Various local communities run their own cultural programs and welcomes visitors to their homes, bringing income directly to local community while giving local people an opportunity to showcase their way of life to the outside world.

This creates mutual understanding and friendships between tourists and local people, offering tourists from all over the world the possibility to experience Tanzania’s cultural diversity and providing local people in various rural areas the opportunity to build sustainable livelihoods.

With local guides born and raised in the area, you can discover how many steps it takes to grow, pick, dry, roast, pound and brew fresh aromatic coffee.

Participate in the process personally before enjoying the taste and taking home a very personal pocket of Tanzanian coffee! In the pastoral areas of the North and Lake Zone, follow the Sukuma, Iraqw, Barbaiq, and Maasai tracks to explore almost unforgotten traditions and a way of life that is closely linked to nature and wildlife.

Follow the famous drumbeats and let the Ndali and Matengo dancers of Southern Tanzania interpret the music and performances they inherited from their ancestors.

Taste the local cuisine, with all the culinary variations of Ugali, Mlenda,Machalari, Makande, Matoke, tasty Pilau, Nyamachoma, and sample some of the finest local wines and beers.

Spend your precious time with local Mamas and learn how to cook a wide range of African cuisines and making authentic handcrafts. There are other places where you can get a glimpse of the cultures of different people in Tanzania which includes 

Bagamoyo Museum

The historical museum is located in Bagamoyo which is found in the Pwani region. It offers a well-informed glimpse into the history of Africa’s east coast furthermore, you can learn about the cultural traditions of the tribes that inhabit this region.

National museum and House of Culture

This importantly significant National museum has played a pivotal role in exposing visitors to Dar es Salaam, Tanzanian culture and heritage. Guests have the opportunity of studying Tanzania’s tribal customs.

Apart from that, the displays in the museum include profound fossils, tracing back human origin found at Olduvai Gorge. Recently there was a cultural festival in Mwanza region that clearly portrays the cultural diversity of Tanzanian people.

In attendance was President Samia Suluhu Hassan who was invited as the guest of honor; she unveiled the government’s plan to make cultural festivals a means of making tourists spend more days in Tanzania.

This will be a twist to Tanzania’s tourism sector as it will promote cultural tourism in the country.

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