Oxlade’s new song a celebration of young untamed African love

Oxlade’s new song a celebration of young untamed African love

Ikuforiji Abdulrahman Olaitan best known as Oxlade has become one of the most highly sought after young Nigerian super stars.

Renowned for his distinct sound and hypnotic melodies, Oxlade has experienced global success with his Oxygen EP that had the breakaway hit single ‘Away’ which was named in rolling stones top 50 songs of 2020.
Oxlade previously released hits such as DKT which went on top of the Apple music top 10 across Africa.

He has since collaborated with Fireboy Dml,Davido, Ycee , Tone of the UK’S biggest grime stars Sneakbo and a host of others.
Describing his latest single ‘Ojuju’, the singer went on to say: "Ojuju' is a story of a divine creature being afraid of falling in love, it exposes a weak side of the [human] being.

"But when someone is in love, they fear nothing. Being in love is a beautiful feeling. You just cannot get enough of that person, you cannot imagine a day without that person in your life and you just keep wanting  for more of that same person every single day!"
Oxlade is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of African music to pioneer a future wave. He has used his music and his platform to fight for social justice.

He was one of the most vocal artists during last year’s ‘End Sars’ protests and has curved himself out a spot as one of the key voices for the Nigerian youth.
Oxlades incredible vocals are incomparable so we can only wait with anticipation for what he has in store with his next project
"This song and my upcoming project are my gift to Africa’s youth. We are one and go through the same struggles. I know my fans across Africa already know this because they feel the message and my love for them through all my music,” he said. 

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