Deadly chaos continues at Kabul airport

Deadly chaos continues at Kabul airport

At least seven Afghans have been killed near Kabul’s international airport amid the chaos of those attempting to flee the Taliban takeover of the country, the British military has said.

But the UK defence ministry did not elaborate when they were killed and if the latest death toll is on top of the four people reportedly crushed to death on Saturday.

The airport is filled with thousands trying to flee the Taliban, who swept into Kabul a week ago. Shocking images of people clinging onto jets raised alarm over the slow evacuation process led by counties including the US and Britain.

There have been stampedes and crushing injuries in the crowds over the past few days.

The US embassy issued a new security warning, telling citizens not to travel to Kabul airport unless instructed by a US government representative. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden warned he could not predict the outcome of one of the “most difficult airlifts in history”.

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