CNN boss dismisses three unvaccinated employees

CNN boss dismisses three unvaccinated employees

US based news network CNN has dismissed three employees for going into an office without having been vaccinated against Covid, BBC has quoted US media.

The broadcaster has reported on its website that the action against the staff was one of the first examples of a US firm firing staff for breaching a company vaccination mandate.

It is legal in the US for firms to require employees to be vaccinated while most large firms’ stance on the matter was to force staff to be vaccinated when offices fully re-open in the months ahead.

CNN chief Jeff Zucker mentioned the dismissal in a company memo sent on Thursday and seen by several US media outlets.
Vaccination is mandatory for anyone reporting in the field, working with any other employees or going into an office, he is quoted as saying in the memo.

"Let me be clear - we have a zero-tolerance policy on this," CNN boss Jeff Zucker was quoted by several US media.

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Author: BBC

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