PM tasks RCs to  improve business  environment

PM tasks RCs to improve business environment

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has instructed all regional commissioners to carry out an assessment on the number and nature of investors in their respective areas to help the government fast-track and improve their business environments.

Mr Majaliwa issued the directive in his speech which was delivered by the Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Prof Joyce Ndalichako at the launch of the Mbeya Investment Guideline held in the region yesterday.

“The initiative aims to identify the challenges and act on them right away so as to attract more investors from within and outside the country,” said Mr Majaliwa.

The Premier also directed each council to survey and allocate a special area for investment instead of having multiple areas which belong to different people, which usually ends up causing conflicts.

He added that “It is crucial that these areas possess necessary infrastructure such as roads, water and electricity for an investor who is interested to simply start their operations without problems.” Equally, the Local Government Authorities (LGAs) should effectively use the business forums carried out from time to time in the councils and regions to identify and tackle various investment challenges in those areas.

On the other hand, he said the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) and EPZA should promote opportunities identified by the regions within and outside the country to attract more investment. Based on the business and investment opportunities found in Mbeya Region, he called on responsible organs to continue promoting them and doing away with factors that discourage ease of doing business.

“I encourage the business community, investors and the people of Mbeya to take advantage of the many opportunities available in the region to further accelerate the theme ‘Invest in Mbeya for sustainable development’,” said the PM.

He was of the view that Mbeya has all the necessary potential and good geographical setting to be considered as the top investment centre in the Southern Highlands regions. He, however, reaffirmed the government commitment to continue with various infrastructure improvements, including rehabilitation and expansion of the Songwe Airport.

According to him, finalizing the work will enable the airport to accommodate big cargo aircrafts for transporting various goods, including vegetables among others.

Besides, he said the procurement of a cargo aircraft in the country will encourage more business and investment, calling on the business community to make use of the opportunity.

In line to this, he identified the problem of post-harvest loss facing many farmers in Tanzania where agriculture is the main economic activity for the majority, noting that the government has started constructing silos and warehouses in regions including Mbeya, Makambako, Rukwa, Mpanda, Shinyanga, Songea, Dodoma and Babati.

Recognizing the problem, he has directed the Minister for Agriculture in collaboration with stakeholders to come up with long lasting solutions, including value addition for the agricultural produce.

Earlier, Mbeya Regional Commissioner, Mr Juma Homera identified some of the investment opportunities found in the region, noting that Mbeya is among food bumper zones focusing on growing maize, rice and many others.

As for cash crops, he outlined tea, cocoa, sunflower, coffee, tobacco and fruits such as avocado and many others. Mr Homera noted that Mbeya is also rich in minerals, livestock, tourism activities, fishing and good road networks to facilitate trade.

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