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Sirro issues stern warning  to chaos instigators

Sirro issues stern warning to chaos instigators

THE Inspector General of Police (IGP) Simon Sirro has issued a stern warning to individuals or groups of people planning chaos in the name of releasing Chadema party chairman, Mr Freeman Mbowe and other six people who were arrested in Mwanza region last month.

“As for the accused Freeman Mbowe and his colleagues the allegations against them are currently under the jurisdiction of the Judiciary. The issue of bail for the case they are facing is being handled by the Court.

“Thus, the Police Force does not expect any person or group of people in any way to put pressure on the judicial authorities for the suspects to be released or granted bail by force,” he said.

IGP Sirro said that any person or group of people who will attempt to encourage riots or any other peace disrupting acts will face strong arm of the law as Police Force and other security organs are well-organised to tackle them. Commander Sirro also said that the nation remains secure and calm, while road safety incidents continue to be largely controlled.

He said the calmness is attributed to several operations, we conduct and cooperation that the police continue to receive from the public. He said the force will continue tighten security and that the ongoing operations of countering criminals in the country led to arrests of at least 5,429 serious crime suspects. He said most of those arrested are suspected to be involved in criminal acts like armed robbery.

“In May and June this year, police force conducted the largest operation in the country after the existence of sporadic crime incidents, which have successfully led to the arrest of 5,429 suspects of criminal offenses such as, armed robbery, car theft, murder, rape, sodomy and drugs abuse,” Mr Sirro said in his media briefing in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

He said a total of 37 weapons were seized, which include four pistols, three shotguns, 29 improvised firearms and one Uzi submachine gun. Other said the force also sized illicit drugs included 540 kilogrammes of heroin, 458 grams of cocaine and 1, 3612.775 liters of illicit liquor (gongo) and the plant used to produce it.

On the other hand, the IGP said police force has cooperated with fellows in regional blocs to combat transnational crimes like terrorism, car theft and human and drug trafficking.

The organs include the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (SARPCCO) and the Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation (EAPCCO). On road safety and traffic rules violation, Mr Sirro said that over the two months period 294 major traffic offenses were recorded, which caused 157 fatal accidents killing 211 people and injuring 62 others.

“There are decrease in traffic road accidents due to stiffening supervision measures and which has led to drivers to comply with traffic rules and regulations,” he said.

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