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Mwanza authorities educate public  over Covid-19 vaccine benefits

Mwanza authorities educate public over Covid-19 vaccine benefits

REGIONAL authorities here have embarked on public campaigns to build awareness on the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccine. The campaigns aimed at removing the myth spread by some people that over the imported vaccines. Social media have been mainly used as a platform to generate and spread misinformation.

Nyamagana District Commissioner (DC), Ms Amina Makilagi told the ‘Daily News’ yesterday that the Tanzanians must know that at no point of time the government can think of harming its people.

“They should also know that since a long-ago Tanzania has imported several vaccines that were used to vaccinate its people to protect them from diseases and there have never been such harms, why this time of covid-19?” she questioned, explaining further that: Nyamagana has already formed committees to visit various groups, such as motorcyclists’ (bodaboda) camps, markets, bus stands and schools, among others, for public education.

According to her, registration exercise for service providers who are willing to get vaccinated in various Nyamagana Hospitals is ongoing. Magu District Executive Director (DED), Mr Lutengano Mwalwiba said that at least three hospitals in the District have been selected as vaccination points.

“That is what has been agreed during several meetings we sat with the regional office. Every District has special health centers for vaccination, we are now going to inform our people,” said the DED.

He reiterated that most vaccines are usually researched and manufactured, hence, no need of doubting, especially because Tanzanian experts have been also involved to scrutinize effectiveness of the vaccine and make decisions. Regional Commissioner (RC), Engineer Robert Gabriel, urged the Tanzanians to avoid political rumors, instead, rely on experts’ advice though the vaccination is voluntary.

He said that the region would intensify public education campaigns be conducted by committees composed of experts.

The committees will explain to the citizens over advantages of the vaccines. The Daily News talked to some Mwanza residents who had different views, with some demanding for further education on vaccines before they make decisions and the other side expressing their willingness to get vaccinated as long as experts have proved its efficiency.

While the service provider in Sengerema District Hospital, Mr Pastory Katisho, demanded more education, the Prisoner officer, Ms Mengi Misana urged the authorities to hasten the (vaccination) exercise.

“I will be among the first persons to have the vaccine once it arrives in Mwanza,” she vowed.

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