Covid-19 vaccination is with  us, let us listen to experts

Covid-19 vaccination is with us, let us listen to experts

IN Sociology they say that for a society to be complete it must have all sorts of people and this is true especially, when a new idea or project is being implemented and the public receiving it. To be precise in the realm of Covid-19 that has affected all people globally, lives have been lost, businesses affected and culture (way of life of people) shaken, implying that it is time people listened to what professionals say, what direction to take and what to do to keep it off.

We all know that there are three kinds of people in a society i.e. people who make things happen (and bring change), people who watch things happen and people who wonder what happened, meaning that every segment must know its limit and responsibility.

For that matter, leading the public to fight the scourge must be left to the professionals, who are health experts and authorized by the government to show the direction.

These people read a lot of literate on the diseases attend workshops, and by experience spend their lives trying to know causes, and possible cures than most of us in the streets, who talk a lot without showing any scientific data to back up their theologies.

We must come to the reality that every field has its professionals, but it’s unfortunate that people, who tend to talk on their behalf, are so vocal that at the end of the day, confuse the public and create unnecessary fear and panic, which in turn mislead the population.

It is good that President Samia Suluhu Hassan has made it clear that people should not fear vaccination against Covid-19, stressing: “I am a mother of four, grandmother, wife and above all Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and President of the United Republic of Tanzania… very painful sacrifices I can’t take chances with supposing the immunization was not scientifically approved.”

Leading by example and taking the first jab in the country, she made it clear that all Tanzanians should not fear, because the vaccine is safe, scientifically recommended and meant to fight the disease. It should be noted that as people will be going for the immunization that will be freely provided by the government, this will not be a project for any person or institution to mint extra coin from the public.

Equally, all regional and religious leaders to the grassroots should lead this exercise by constantly preaching the truth that the vaccination is only against taming Covid-19, not otherwise.

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