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Simba pick Kamwaga  as Manara heir

Simba pick Kamwaga as Manara heir

IT’S the end of Haji Manara era as the spokesman of the country’s Premier League champs, Simba following the appointment of Ezekiel Kamwaga to fill his place in the club’s Information Office.

The club yesterday released a statement in Dar es Salaam confirming the appointment of Senior Journalist Ezekiel Kamwaga as Acting Head of Information and Communication following the resignation of Manara from the post.

Manara tendered his resignation a few days after Simba retained their FA Cup title at the Lake Tanganyika Stadium in Kigoma with a 1-0 victory over their traditional rivals Young Africans.

His resignation came after some misunderstandings between him and the top club’s administration. The statement noted that Simba’s management had approved Manara’s request to relinquish his position and wished him all the best wherever he goes.

“Simba has announced the resignation of its former Information Officer Haji Manara, and therefore Ezekiel Kamwaga will immediately succeed him for two months while we carry on the necessary procedures to announce new job vacancies.” The club’s website noted, “The decision taken by the Board of Directors revealed that no one is greater than the club (Simba).”

It further explained, last week, Manara was heard insulting Club’s Chief Executive Officer Barbara Gonzalez after a misunderstanding.

“Manara made a huge mistake by using social media to disseminate his voice about something that needed to be addressed in the office. But, unfortunately, probably because Manara has been so influential on the internet and finds himself forgetting his work ethic, there are those who believe that Manara is Simba and Simba is Manara and that it would not be possible for Simba to take the decision they took. As an employee, you should follow the rules, procedures and guidelines given in fulfilling your responsibilities. It is a grave mistake to use your fame as a weapon to try to make you look good in everything.”

Apart from the detailed statement that they shared through their Instagram account and website, highlighting Manara misconduct, the club also acknowledged Manara for his outstanding service at the club.

“He is one of the people who did a great job in promoting Simba and defending it. Sometimes he even got into trouble because of Simba. So we thank him and wish him all the best in his life.”

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