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Tanzania earmarked for WMA support

Tanzania earmarked for WMA support

THE World Martial Authority (WMA) has identified Tanzania among primary countries to benefit from its support in fighting corruption, poverty and providing fundamental human rights supports.

The WMA is the highest law enforcement authority globally that is now speedily spreading in various African countries. The Global Commander of the WMA, Lee Clegg, told the media yesterday via zoom conferencing that its organization aims at eradicating extreme poverty in the country.

The organisation will operate under UCc-1 with full operating facilities and new innovations and Tanzania, among other nations will be assisted in backing their currencies and allow it alleviates debt.

“This is huge step forward and good news for developing countries like Tanzania as many big projects have often been for many years hampered by presence of corruption and poor management,” commander Clegg stated.

He said their focus would be on projects and foresee their implementation and success to help the common man in various sectors, adding that, “We want to make it clear that this is not a loan but rather, a support.”

“The funding will be delivered to projects on the ground, so no funds can be corrupted en-route. We will be working with other platforms and will also have our own banks. This will enable us to filter funds directly to projects and humanitarian causes and provide Aid without blocks,” he noted.

He said some other areas of focus would be humanitarian, environmental and industry sectors such as mining, agriculture, water purification, cleanups, regeneration and other areas. Others are banking and finance, which cover all treasuries, funding, accounting and trades and on the health sector they will provide aid to protect life.

“We would be holding a discussion with the Tanzanian government to share how exactly, we want to operate together for the betterment of the people of Tanzania and the world at large,” he noted.

Mr Clegg explained that 10 billion US dollars has been issued to Zambia, 10 billion US dollars to Ambazonia, and the other 10 billion US dollars to Gambia for the betterment of humanity.

“We will take better care of life, environment and planet, by introducing innovations in every sector with zero corruption,” he stresse

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