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DID YOU KNOW: It is easy and possible to invest in Tanzania?

DID YOU KNOW: It is easy and possible to invest in Tanzania?

BEFORE coming to Tanzania to invest, you can visit Tanzania Investment Center (TIC) website www.tic. go.tz and see all flourishing areas to invest and trade in.

Tanzania has blooming opportunities in Tourism worth investing in and range from attractive tourist sites, research and scientific study areas that you can tap and make business.

The country has booming business opportunities in agriculture supported with vast arable land, favourable climate, which in turn supports all sorts of crops to grow.

This is an area a serious investor should take time to invest in. Tanzania has market in Real Estate a serious investor should exploit and make money.

The population and economy are growing, which means that demand for residential houses and business premises must be accommodated by one investing in real estate.

The country has all sorts of valuable minerals, which can be used in many industries as raw material, and with the fifth phase government stressing on industrialization, it is your turn as an investor to exploit the chance.

Tanzania infrastructures are growing to cope up with growing economies, population and industrialization, which in turn offer a good opportunity for a serious investor to exploit.

With all these among others, TIC has created a “one-stop center” transparent ‘without oiling any hand’ for investors to ease their investing procedures, where one would easily acquire permits, licenses, patent registration, and company registration under one roof. Karibu Tanzania!

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