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TFF now commits to upgrade coaches’ skills

TFF now commits to upgrade coaches’ skills

THE Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) said the country faces shortage of well drilled football coaches hence the reason they are organising several coaching trainings to bridge the gap.

This was said recently by the federation’s Technical Director Oscar Mirambo at the start of a three months CAF B Diploma coaching course in Morogoro which has drawn 25 coaches from different parts of the country.

Among the notable beneficiaries is Simba’s Assistant Coach Selemani Matola who is also grasping the necessary skills which in the end will enable him to get the required documents.

“First, we need to understand that we have serious problem of lack of adequate and trained football coaches in the country due to failure to invest a lot in this important sector.

“This has contributed to the influx of many football coaches from outside the country who come in to take up the coaching opportunities hence the reason we are conducting the trainings to solve cure such problems,” he said.

He added that the motive behind the ongoing coaching programmes is to impart modern football coaching skills to them so that they can be able to work at any environment.

Recently, TFF established football philosophy to be distributed to all football academies and sports centres in order to create learning uniformity to the upcoming stars.

“We have many academies and football centres but each of them has got a unique coaching formula imparted to the young players something which create problems when they mature because what they learnt before is not what they encounter at senior level.

“Every player who is being developed from academy or youth centre has got dreams to reach far in his career like playing for the national team because it is the highest level.

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