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‘ASFC final will boost business in Kigoma’

‘ASFC final will boost business in Kigoma’

TOWARDS the Azam Sports Federation Cup (ASFC) final between Simba and Young Africans this Sunday in Kigoma, the region’s economic opportunities also head to be stimulated.

The country’s football giants go head to head at Lake Tanganyika Stadium in the region battling for the sparkling silverware.

Kigoma will go into history books for becoming the first region to host ASFC final that draw Simba and Yanga, the two sides that also meet at that level for the first time.

Speaking recently, the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) General Secretary Wilfred Kidau strongly believes the upcoming high profile game will bring major economic changes in the region.

“Aside from the excitement that people will experience throughout the 90 minutes of play, it will help to stimulate economy of people living in the region since the oncoming people will have to be fed and look for places to sleep.

“Also, it will help to encourage young football players from Kigoma to work hard so that in the future they can play in such big games that is why I believe that success of the game are both on and off the field,” Kidau said.

He added that to the side of the federation, they have achieved 100 per cent of the target since the inception of the competition saying now, competing clubs are aware about the importance of the contest.

“In the past, teams used to field their weak squads but nowadays, that have changed because they are aware how important the competition is to the extent of parading their strongest squads regardless which teams they faced,” said him.

He also mentioned the morale experienced during the two semifinal matches played in Tabora and Songea as another indicator on how ASFC is touching souls of many football fans in the country.

However, tickets for the historic game are set to begin being sold today in order to minimise congestion during the last days to the match.

Meanwhile, both Simba and Yanga are still in the city polishing up before marching to the battlefield where the natural grass at the Lake Tanganyika venue will suffer.

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