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Visitors to Zinjanthropus skull up 30 pc

Visitors to Zinjanthropus skull up 30 pc

The National Museums of Tanzania (NMT) has said that presence of oldest human fossils have continued to woo both local and foreign tourists who flocks to learn about past human history.

The museums data showed that number of visitors came to see Zinjanthropus skull jumped up by over 30 per cent to 24,000 last year compared to 18,000 in the previous year.

NMT’s Senior Curator Dr Agnes Gidna pointed out that one of the fossils like the skull of Zinjanthropusboisei and other tools stored at the museum in Dar es Salaam also attract various researchers.

“Last year alone Zinjanthropusboisei skull attracted more than 24,000 visitors who are academicians, tourists and researchers. The mainly want to learning past history since the country is regarded as cradle of mankind,” said Dr Agnes said during the commemoration of 62 years since the discovery of Zinjanthropus skull in Olduvai Gorge.

Also she said there some animal remains, stone tools and roots which were used as food, which complete history of human evolution and witnessed easily in the country.

NMT houses more than 700 pieces of hominin fossils, thousands of stone tools used by early humans for survival and thousands of different animal bones.

Zinjanthropus is a fossilized cranium and the holotype of the species Paranthropusboisei and was discovered in Olduvai Gorge, Ngorongoroin Arusha by archaeologist-paleontologist Mary Leakey in 1959.

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