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Tanzanian students promote tourism

Tanzanian students promote tourism

Tanzanian students pursuing studies abroad are good ambassadors in promoting the country’s tourism attractions, thus increasing the number of tourists and generate more earnings.

The remarks were made recently by the Global Education Link, Managing Director, Abdulmarik Mollel while clarifying the fundamental role that Tanzanian students studying abroad can play and benefit their country.

“There are thousands of Tanzanians studying in United States of America, England, India and have been providing the country’s tourism information through tour companies and other means of communication thus boosting the number of tourists into the country.

So the global link has started the special initiatives of making sure these students are also the country’s ambassadors where they study by training them on different techniques they can use in promoting the Tanzania tourism attractions.

Mollel who is also a member of the task force committee for health tourism created by the Minister for Health, Doroth Gwajima said constituting 14 members, adding his companies has started contacting some students studying abroad tasking their different roles in promoting health tourism.

“Tanzanians send hundreds of students to study abroad including England, India, USA, Canada, Russia and other different countries thus may become good tourism ambassadors to benefit the country’s economy,” he noted.

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