Police should constantly vet gun owners

Police should constantly vet gun owners

TAKE a walk in any part of the country, you will find the nationals walking freely, chatting and in their daily chores without any thinking of any nasty incidents, because of the brotherly atmosphere we live in.

You will hear people calling others in the streets and market places as brothers and sisters from another mother, and all sorts of jokes crowned with laughter as you sip a beer in in bar or board a commuter bus and so on.

This is the country the founding Father of the Nation, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and his comrades fought for.

They never fought for a country, where people should walk armed with guns, knives, machetes and all sorts of weapons in the name of their personal security.

When it comes to security of the people and their property, the Police Force is well alert, informed and capable of fighting the deviants, who must also be there for the society to be complete.

However, what went viral in blogs i.e. Millard Ayo in Sinza in Dar es Salaam after a man over the weekend sprayed bullets in a pub must be condemned by any peace-loving citizen, whatever the reason and motive behind the scene. Some guns being misused and carried to pubs is a culture that is not Tanzanian.

That shows also a possibility that they can easily be hired to thugs and teenagers, who are not legally allowed to use them.

If possible Police should try to verify once more and if possible repeatedly cross check if all gun-owners are still legible to own them.

In this line, Police should as much as possible try to be tough and rigid in licensing more guns to the public.

The public should be encouraged to promote peace instead of allowing a room, where people rush to buy guns for the same security Police is providing.

Equally, community policing should be encouraged so that any deviant will find it difficult to operate. As this kind of heinous act might be condemned, it is time fellow citizens help and name/report those, who own guns illegally in the country.

These people are not living in the space, but in our midst implying that we live with them and know them.

Tanzanians want and are used to peace that is unconditional, because peace puts forward the framework for investment, has a wonderful impact on your overall health and makes you more conscious, active, alive and happy.

It is the country we want. With peace, people are free to tour any part of country without fear, hence what matters is promoting it at all costs and this is not only the work of the police, but all citizens.

Author: EDITOR

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