Observing traffic rules can save your life

Observing traffic rules can save your life

Driving on Tanzanian roads can be a very fatal experience, considering that most drivers consider traffic rules and regulations as their enemies.

Every year, the country receives devastating news of grisly road carnage, with many lives lost, which in most cases is due to carelessness and failing to observe traffic rules.

When it comes to driving, obeying traffic rules and using common sense are essential. Traffic rules are in place to help protect you and others while operating a vehicle on the road. It is important to follow all traffic laws to keep everyone safe on road.

The amount of traffic accidents and losses drops significantly when people are obeying the rules on the road. Sometimes we forget what a big responsibility it is to drive carefully.

Traffic laws are designed to protect you and other drivers on the streets. If we don’t follow them, we are not only putting ourselves at risk, but also other innocent people.

By knowing the rules of the road, practicing good driving skills, you help play a vital role in preventing a crash. You will also be making the safety policies more effective.

Many components play a major role in road safety, including speed limits that are posted and making sure safety equipment is properly installed and used.

The primary point of traffic laws is safety, but also keeping order. Following traffic laws is one of the most essential aspects of driving and can increase your safety as well as of the people around you.

Knowing the traffic rules in our region and applying them can prevent us from getting involved in a car accident and save us the pain and costs of a traffic ticket due to a violation.

If we didn’t have any traffic laws, there would be chaos on the roads and many disasters could happen.

Rules are the foundation of society. If there are no rules, everyone would do whatever they want and have serious consequences.

For example, texting and using your cell phone while driving is very dangerous to yourself and other people surrounding you, but we see this habit every day, especially in Dar es Salaam.

The reason why many people are against this action is because it causes many car accidents and deaths every year.

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