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STAMICO state-of-the-art innovation necessitated victory at DITF

STAMICO state-of-the-art innovation necessitated victory at DITF

IT was colourful at the 45th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) known as Sabasaba attracting more than 3000 companies from within and outside the country, and the State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) emerging the Overall Winner in the fair.

The exhibition was officially launched on July 5 by Vice- President of United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Dr Philip Isdory Mpango and closed on July 13 by the Second Vice- President of Zanzibar, Hemed Suleiman Abdulla, where STAMICO’s unique modern gold refining services, mining, drilling activities and the innovation of a brand new RafikiBriquettes alternative ore attracted attention.

Speaking on behalf of the Acting CEO of the organisation, Dr. Venance Mwasse, Director of Human Resources and Administration, Mr Deusdedith Magala says STAMICO has brought about a unique transformation in the mining sector in Tanzania, since completing the construction and launch of the modern Mwanza Precious Metals Refinery Ltd located in Mwanza.

He says the Mwanza Gold Refinery is capable of refining 480 kgs of gold per day at an international standard with a quality of 999.9 purity. In addition, the Director said, the factory which was officially launched on June 13 this year by President Samia Suluhu Hassan, is a unique opportunity for gold mining companies and other miners from within and outside the country to refine their gold in the factory.

Alternative Coal Mr Magala also says that the unique innovation of the Rafiki Briquettes product, which is an alternative to coal-based charcoal, has also been a unique attraction for locals and internationals who have visited the STAMICO pavilion at the Sabasaba Fair.

Elaborating on Rafiki Briquettes, Mr. Magala said the charcoal has many benefits; including reducing the use of charcoal obtained from felled trees, especially considering its use has been detrimental to the environment. He says the briequette, which is efficient and effective is also environmentally friendly and does not damage the cooking utensil i.e. the pot, but is also used for a long time before replacing another.

In addition, he says despite the availability of samples of charcoal, from September to October this year, the experimental production will start after receiving equipment from China that will be able to produce two tons per hour.

He says in the first phase, STAMICO in collaboration with the Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Corporation (TIRDO), will plant the plants in Dar es Salaam and then in time will be introduced other plants that will be able to produce 20 tons per hour and installed in Kabulo-Kiwira in Songwe Region.

In addition, Mr. Magala also appeals to various mining companies to use their new State-ofthe- art refinery, adding that it is one of the most sophisticated technologies ever used in the country.

In addition, Mr. Magala says STAMICO shone in the exhibition due to matching the Sabasaba motto which was addressing the industrialization agenda.

STAMICO with its two new industries (gold refinery and coal briequtte) fitted well. The director says STAMICO has been using model training centers in the Katente (Bukombe) and Lwamgasa (Geita) areas to enable small-scale miners to grow in the mining sector.

Statement by President Samia Speaking at the inauguration of the factory on June 13, this year in Mwanza, President Samia Suluhu Hassan said the advent of the Mwanza Precious Metals Refinery Ltd factory has brought significant benefits locally and abroad including enabling the government to harvest 744 billion shillings, 36 billion to councils and 21 billion to STAMICO for Year.

President Samia noted the significant economic benefits of adding value to minerals, including encouraging greater investment in the country and pledged that the Government will continue to ensure that Tanzania’s minerals are valued in the country as the Minerals Act Chapter 123 states. As a result of the investment, President Samia commended STAMICO and its partners for the construction of the first factory in the East African Region and one of the largest factories in Africa that aims to stimulate value-added activities in the country.

President Samia cited other benefits derived from valueadded mining activities that include increasing Government revenues and boosting the labor market through the Mining Sector.

Commenting on the benefits of the factory, President Samia said it included the Government earning revenue through royalties, fees and levies. “Other benefits of the project include about 120 new direct jobs and 400 indirect jobs as well as Tanzanians gaining knowledge of new modern gold refining technologies,” said Samia.

Also, President Samia added that, in accordance with the contract agreement STAMICO shares will be increasing by 5 percent to 51 percent.

Similarly, she said, the factory will be able to identify the mineral and know its value which will help the Government to calculate the revenue it deserves.

She added that, following the gold refining of international standards, Tanzania enters the arenas of countries that refine gold and thus the Central Bank of Tanzania will be able to buy the gold and deposit it as a deposit and thus enable the Government to collect royalties by taking gold instead of money (royalty in-kind).

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