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Media should help in peace  building process-expert

Media should help in peace building process-expert

JOURNALISTS here have been informed that they can play significant roles in conflict prevention and resolution and help to bring peace in situations of conflicts if they are aware of the procedures and techniques to follow.

"Journalists as actors in conflict situations have an important role to play when it comes to conflict resolution, prevention and peace building efforts,” said facilitators at a three-day media training on 'conflict resolution and peace building.'

The training has been organized by the 'Search for Common Ground (SCG) in support of Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) and European Union (EU).

The journalists who were selected from different media outlets and institutions included Mr Khelef Nassor Rashid (Communication officer- Zanzibar), Mr Kelvin Pesambili (Program Assistant), and Mr Hussein Sengu- area Manager), all from SCG collaborated to facilitate the training held at the 'Zanzibar Legal Services Centre (ZLSC) building, KariakooKijangwani area.

In separate occasions, the facilitators explained to journalists about the importance of making Zanzibar free of Covid-19, violence against children and women, and use of illicit drugs.

"The media is an indispensable stakeholder in peace building, in already fragmented societies in conflict countries, the media and individual journalists play an important part in constructing conflict realities. Learn the methods," Mr Pesambili emphasized.

Mr Rashid said that since the public who include readers, viewers, listeners and internet users tend to trust the media because it provides information and analysis on events, journalists are in better position to help in conflict situations.

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