Chato District forest officer fired over ‘personal’ decisions

Chato District forest officer fired over ‘personal’ decisions

THE Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Dr Damas Ndumbaro has suspended Silayo forests farm officer in Chato District, Geita Region, Thadeus Shirima for conducting an operation to relocate people from their areas without blessings from the government.

The Minister said the area residents had lost their properties, including houses and farms.

Dr Ndumbaro made the decision when addressing reporters in Dodoma yesterday, insisting that the manager had been suspended to pave way for investigation. He added that his ministry had received complaints from Bukombe Member of Parliament and other lawmakers who expressed their dismay over the illegal operation.

The Minister further said that his ministry had decided to suspend Mr Shirima and equally directing the Permanent Secretary in the ministry to deploy another person to replace him.

“Operations are supposed to be there but they should observe regulations and directives, but this person decided to conduct an operation without consulting top leaders, even the Permanent Secretary was not aware,” he insisted.

The decision by Mr Shirima, the Minister added, was tantamount to making personal decisions which were tainting the image of the ministry.

“As the ministry, we cannot tolerate such kind of operations which do not follow proper procedures, and whoever shall engage in similar matters will be dealt with decisively,” he added.

Dr Ndumbaro insisted that already a team of experts had been deployed in the district to make a thorough assessment on the effects that people in the area had encountered.

Speaking at a similar occasion, Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Mary Masanja underscored the need for public servants to discharge their duties by observing all laws, regulations and proper procedures of public service.

“Our ministry shall not tolerate any public servant who will contravene regulations of the public service by making their own decisions,” she insisted.

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