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‘Prepare business plan to redevelop Machinga Complex’

‘Prepare business plan to redevelop Machinga Complex’

Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Amos Makalla has directed City Council to prepare a strategic business plan to redevelop the Machinga Complex market which is currently not performing well.

Mr Makalla issued the order on Wednesday when he visited the market and held a talk with the management as well as the small traders known as ‘machinga’ who outlined the challenges faced in the market.

Mr Makalla said in the strategic plan they should have a short-term, medium-term and long-term plan to enable the Machinga complex to operate profitably but there was no plan so far.

He said by doing that and listening to existing traders, the market will be vibrant and fetch many customers and those who left will return to the area to do their business.

The RC said the way the market has been organised was not satisfied so he advised the leadership to think of a better way to set them in the way of specialisation.

"I will work together with you to make sure that you do business in a good environment to benefit you and the nation. During my tenure in office as Dar es Salaam RC I will have to leave a record of efficient Machinga Complex," he said.

He said the government has a responsibility to create a conducive environment for the traders to conduct their business freely.

"In this matter, you must corporate and talk together to make sure people's businesses were not closed but to give them time with special agreements after listening to them,” said Makalla adding businessmen have many challenges so you should listen to them and make arrangement of debt repayment.

However, he instructed them to monitor and determine the actual debt owed to the Machinga complex building.

Former Machinga Complex manager Rachel Wilson said the aim was to get potential businessmen but the infrastructure was not good since once they came to visit the area they did not come back.

‘Machninga’ expressed their challenges to RC that the building has been governed by outdated bylaws which burn them to conduct their business freely.

Businessman Norman Pantaleo said the traders left the building as soon as the statement came out that they (Machinga) should not be harassed to do business in any area they wanted so many went to the streets.

According to Pharecy Namungwa, a businesswoman said the cost of toilet services paid 200/- every time they went which is very high. She said sometimes can use even 2000/- per day depending on her health. Maybe I have diabetes. I have to go to the toilet frequently due to my problem as a diabetic. For this case how can I manage to do business,”

Businessman Norman Pantaleo complained about the higher tax of ‘vizimba’ when they were previously charged 10,000/- suddenly they came to charge 20,000 / - without any notice.

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