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Romania tourists flock Zanzibar coastal village

Romania tourists flock Zanzibar coastal village

THE launch of the SUN-WAVE Festival in Zanzibar has been described as one of the great opportunities that will help increase the number of tourists visiting the islands.

People engaged in tourism business here and the government authorities led by the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Ms Lela Mohamed Mussa have expressed great happiness following the launch of the festival.

“We are really happy for this new festival that has attracted hundreds of tourists from Romania, who will be in Zanzibar the week-long festival at Bwejuu Coastal village in South Unguja,” Ms Mussa said, when she graced the launching of the festival.

She said that despite the global Covid-19 pandemic, Zanzibar and Tanzania as a whole were a bit lucky to continue recording tourists from different countries abroad, encouraging tourists' operation companies to continue advertising the country internationally as a safe tourism destination.

However, the Minister cautioned the visitors, tourists, and the local people at the festival to observe health precautions against coronavirus, because the virus is still a global problem.

On his part, Unguja South Regional Commissioner (RC) Mr Rashid Hadid Rashid, whose region is hosting the festival said: “This is a great opportunity for us, let us value them for choosing Zanzibar for their festival. We thank the Romanians and the organizers.”

The Sun-Wave festival Manager Talib Jussab said that the festival was previously held in Romania annually, but due to Covid-19 problem, fans proposed to find a place outside their region, and fortunately they chose Zanzibar at this time (May/July) regarded as the low season of tourists. November/January is another low season.

He said the festival is expected to continue promoting Zanzibar as one of the best destinations for tourism, also attracting visitors from different countries, including France, the United Kingdom and Dubai.

"The festival is usually held every year in European countries but for the first time this year it is held in Zanzibar to provide an opportunity to promote the Island in the tourism industry," said.

Mr Jussab added that the festival also benefits tourist hotel investors, young people, and entrepreneurs in the Isles to be able to sell and market their products.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter, Zanzibar

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