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Nyamongo faces rising  wave of roaming children

Nyamongo faces rising wave of roaming children

THE number of children who are roaming at the small town of Nyamongo near the North Mara Gold Mine is reportedly increasing with government community development officials calling for joint measures to check the situation before it gets out of control.

“The number of children seen in the streets of Nyamongo is indeed worrying especially at nights and the wave is so huge. Parents and guardians are to blame”, Anthony Magoti, the Community Development Officer In-charge of several villages around North Mara Gold Mine, including the small town of Nyamongo said.

Speaking during the commemoration of this year’s African Child Day held at Nyamongo on Wednesday, Mr Magoti called for immediate interventions to stop the increasing number of vulnerable children in the area. Mining activities, he said, have been attracting the children from villages around the mine and beyond.

“This may cause insecurity in the future and the children are supposed to be in schools. I ask security committee in Nyamongo to intervene”, he stressed.

The African Child Day event at Nyamongo was successfully organised and coordinated by Kemanyaki Group with the support of North Mara Gold Mine which is currently operated by Barrick Gold Corporation in partnership


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