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Govt wants sanity in public service

Govt wants sanity in public service

THE government said on Friday that the public service audit conducted on civil servants revealed that 1,664 seniour officials in the ministries and public organisations were found to be acting in various public leadership positions contrary to their qualifications.

Deputy Minister of State in the President’s Office (Public Service Management and Good Governance), Mr Deogratious Ndejembi told the Parliament that the government has been facing various challenges regarding the qualifications of those who hold leadership posts.

He was responding to Mr Issa Mtemvu (Kibamba CCM) question. Earlier, the MP wanted to know when the government will confirm some officials who have been acting in various positions for a long time without being promoted or confirmed.

He added that vetting for leaders was also taking a long time and advised the authority to come up with a data base that will help to speed up the exercise whenever someone is picked for the post.

In response, Mr Ndejembi said some employers have been promoting officials in public organizations without following proper procedures, which include seeking approval from Permanent Secretaries as required by the law, a move that makes some of the civil servants to act for a long time.


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