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State issues new directives to enhance performance in corporations

State issues new directives to enhance performance in corporations

THE government has issued new directives aimed at enhancing corporate governance and accountability in public corporations in Tanzania.

These new directives will require Board Members of the public corporations to discharge their duties commensurate to the measurable targets and performance indicators.

Speaking to the Board Chairs and Chief Executive Officers at Arusha International Conference Centre, Permanent Secretary in the President Office, Public Service Management, Dr Laurian Ndumbaro said the move seeks to enhance performance.

Dr Ndumbaro said under the new directives, Board Chairs and CEOs will need to detach from a business as usual syndrome in discharging their duties and embrace a more measurable result oriented performance.

He said gone are the days when most of the boards were involved in the antagonistic behavior between and among them and the CEOs, to the detriment of the public corporation.

“From now on, performance of the boards will have to be measured through how they implement the agreed targets and objective and government directives,” he said.

He thanked the office of the Treasurer Registrar for devising the performance contract training to the public corporation top leadership, saying the move will enhance performance.

The PS also called on the boards to redefine and re-asess their oversight role, to ensure that they were in the right track.

On the challenge that some of the CEOs exempted themselves on their duty and aligned themselves with marathon trips by national leaders, he said the government will issue a directive because the trend was alarming.

In his remarks to welcome the PS to officiate the opening ceremony, the Treasury Registrar, Athumani Mbuttuka said the working training was organised to give the Board Chairs and CEOs a glimpse on the revised performance contracts between the boards and CEOs.

The Registrar also noted that the objective of the training was to ensure that public corporations were run and managed in accordance with government directives and the objective for which the organisation was formed.

The two day event brought together Board Chairs and CEOs from various parastatal organisations in the country. The Tanzania Standard (Newspapers) Limited (TSN) Acting CEO, Madam Tuma Abdallah also attended the training.


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