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French embassy guided school expands in Dar

French embassy guided school expands in Dar

A French School with over 40 nationalities in their students’ population in Dar es Salaam and guided by French curriculum of education is gaining popularity in the city with parents praising its establishment, it can be learnt.

According to the institution-French School Arthur Rimbaud administration, Jean-Baptiste Ruzindana Coordinator for the Primary section the school offers the pupils the ability to speak and write in more than three widely spoken languages of the world.

He further said for the school following the French curriculum that is prepared by the France ministry of education and taught in public as well as private schools, its presence in Tanzania further cements good relations between the country and France.

“The French schools in almost all countries, where they are established… have good diplomatic relations with France. The school has a wide range of teaching facilities and amenities such as French and English textbooks, library, play grounds, canteen and an Assembly Hall for holding debates and other academic functions,” he pointed out.

While addressing journalists on how the school has been running especially, equipping children from the levels of kindergarten to secondary classes with French language, Mr Ruzindana said: “Once a student masters French, English and Spanish well and also Kiswahili in this region, definitely he/she will stand a better chance of sailing in job market.”

“Language is becoming a crucial tool in today’s world for one to tap opportunities elsewhere across the world…at the French School; we are preparing children at the age of three to twelve to master world’s leading languages. “Our learning system is friendly in the population of the 350 students we have at the kindergarten level, elementary and secondary,” said Ruzindana.

Commenting a Tanzanian teacher, Nancy Kweka, who teaches English: “Teaching is not only through words to impart knowledge, I also use body language to communicate with my students in the semesters, which finally for the whole school calendar further divided into five academic terms.

“The first term starts in September to December and broken down into two periods with a break of 10 to 15 days within. The second term is between January and March and the third term ends between April and June while the remaining two months (July and August) are reserved for as a long annual holiday.

“It’s been a pleasure for me teaching English at the French School. I joined this school almost three years ago and have enjoyed an opportunity to learn French under the sponsorship of the school in collaboration with the French Embassy in Tanzania. “Because, now I speak French I am able to work with people in different professions and I can reconnoiter for a bright future.”


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