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Entrepreneurs lack areas for manufacturing process

Entrepreneurs lack areas for manufacturing process

MOST entrepreneurs in the country lack formal and specific areas for undertaking manufacturing activities, the challenge that makes them fail to qualify for acquiring standards mark of quality.

This was said by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) Inspector from the Southern Zone, Barnabas Jacob over the weekend while highlighting the ongoing exercise of touring and providing public education to entrepreneurs in Nyasa and Mabada districts on the need to certify the quality of their products.

Mr Jacob said the two districts have many entrepreneurs producing various goods including food and cosmetics but such activities are being conducted in informal places that do not meet the required standards.

He said the lack of formal places for conducting manufacturing activities is caused by many reasons one of which is the lack of capital.

He said that district councils have not given priority to supporting entrepreneurs in building formal places for manufacturing activities.

Also, the capital provided by the district councils was insufficient to build formal places for such activities.

“It is important that district councils give priority to entrepreneurs to make sure that they get sufficient capital to build areas for conducting manufacturing processes, making it easy for them to acquire standard mark of quality from TBS,” he noted.

He said for example, in Mbinga District, entrepreneurs are being provided between 10m/- and 20m/- as capital which is somewhat enough to make the initial investment.

Providing them sufficient capital may help them buy machines and other equipment needed for processing activities.

Mr Jacob said when they visit entrepreneurs provide education on standard procedures of doing processing activities and thus producing goods of high quality.

“We also provide entrepreneurs on the procedures of getting the TBS standards mark of quality as all the costs are being paid by the government,” he said.

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