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Stars’ arsenal to test ‘Flames’

Stars’ arsenal to test ‘Flames’

TAIFA Stars Head Coach Kim Poulsen said he expects to see improvement in his team as they face Malawi in an international friendly match at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium in Dar es Salaam today.

The two sides will use the game as part and parcel of preparations for their incoming 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, scheduled to begin in September this year.

Speaking yesterday at a prematch briefing, Poulsen insisted that they have had an ample time of preparations hence a platform to see what his charges have grasped from the training sessions.

“I have already told them that I expect to see improvement in terms of performance and that I will be making several changes to give playing time to many players we have in the squad.

“I want to see individual performance in terms of transition during matches and all these they have trained throughout the period we had in camp,” he said.

He continued: “If all players have good individual level of tactical and technical abilities, the team’s performance is usually better since a good team depend on well drilled players.”

Moreover, Poulsen clarified that his job together with other technical members is to empower players to ensure that they become ready for international matches.

“It is good to see that they have shown high degree of motivation and have a mind-set to improve that is why I called a mixed squad with experienced and inexperienced players, so that the latter can learn from the former,” said him.

He then disclosed that they plan to undergo a long camp in August and have at least three strong friendly matches before the commencement of the World Cup qualifiers.

His captain John Bocco said basing on the level of preparations they have been exposed to, he has strong feeling of doing well in today’s encounter. On his part, Malawi captain Gabadinho Mhango said they do not see the game as friendly but rather a match day.

“We will go out to do our best as a team and we respect Tanzania, they have a good team as such, it will be a difficult game to both teams,” he said. He added that morale in their team is high even though some of their key players did not come due to different challenges they encounter before making the trip.

“As a player, I believe that we are going to learn something from this match since we are going to face a competitive team and this is not the first time to play against Tanzania hence, I expect a great duel.

“As a team, we are ready to learn something from Tanzania and they are also going to get something from us, this is what football is all about,” said him.


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