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Samia savours top notch JKCI

Samia savours top notch JKCI

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan yesterday commended the Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute (JKCI), saying the facility has successfully recorded remarkable performance in the provision of quality and specialised healthcare services since it was established in October, 2015.

The Head of State said the Institute was performing an outstanding job of saving people’s lives and that the government valued the JKCI's contribution to the development of the nation.

President Samia gave the accolades shortly after inaugurating a 4.6bn/- worth catheterization laboratory (cathlab) and carto 3 machines.

The new equipment gives the three-dimensional view of the patient's heart which helps the electro physiologist to identify the site of origin of the abnormal rhythm accurately and deliver the radio-frequency catheter ablation therapy with high success rate.

In recognition of the Institute good job, the Head of State ordered the Minister of Health, Social Development, Gender, Elderly and Children , Dr Dorothy Gwajima to deposit 30 percent of money, which would have been obtained from patients who are treated under the government exemption scheme, to JKCI's account.

Earlier, the JKCI administration asked the government to consider supporting it with some money, which is saved from patients who were supposed to be treated abroad but are now treated at JKCI under the government exemption scheme.

The Institute Executive Director, Prof. Mohamed Janabi requested the government to allocate at least 50 per cent of the money to help the institute in running its own businesses.

Responding to the request, the Head of State said the government understood the good job performed by patriotic young doctors and all other staff at the institute and that to start with, a 30 per cent of the money would be deposited to the institute’s account.

Moreover, President Samia pledged to provide over 2bn/- for the construction of children ward. The project is designed to cost over 4bn/-. The JKCI has, thus, allocated 2bn/- from its own sources.

“I have been pleased with the way this institute runs its programmes, you have great plans and proper management of funds, we are going to support you in the construction of the ward with over 2bn/- since you have already allocated 2bn/-, this is a good spirit,” she said.

She added: “You are doing a noble job, you are saving people’s lives, you are not paid much but God’s graces will always be on you.”

The President touted the JKCI for offering top notch health services to various wananchi, including those from neighbouring countries.

“I am impressed to hear that we treat people from Comoro, Burundi, Ethiopia and Malawi, this means Tanzania is becoming more competent in offering specialized treatment,” Ms Samia lauded.

President Samia said the JKCI was recording good performance due to the strong strategies that were set by former leaders.

She said the project was initiated by the fourth phase government, and was strongly implemented during the fifth phase administration under the late President John Magufuli.

“It is the late President Magufuli who ordered and released money for the purchase of these machines, he did a great job. The sixth government will continue with this good job," said President Samia.

She also emphasized the need for the public to be educated on the state of non-communicable diseases.

According to President Samia, statistics showed that 33 per cent of deaths in the country are caused by non-communicable diseases and 13 per cent of those diseases are linked to blood pressure and heart complications.

The President said the government is currently constructing new hospitals across the country and that it is committed to improve workers’ welfare and ensure quality provision of healthcare services.


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