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Norway pledges more funds for  Kigoma regional community

Norway pledges more funds for Kigoma regional community

The Government of Ireland has announced the additional donation of Euro 4.5 to support the implementation of Communityprojects in Kigoma region through Kigoma Joint Programme (KJP) implemented by 16 UN Agencies.

Programme manager – Reproductive Health and Nutrition from Ireland embassy in Dar es Salaam, Kim Mwamelo  made statement at the KJP Steering Committee held in Kigoma Recently.

Mwamelo told the member of steering committee that  the money will go to boost health sector in Kigoma Region and noted that Ireland Government satisfied with the implementation of Community project implemented through Kigoma Joint Progarm.

Speeking at the meeting, Kigoma Ragional Commissioner, Thobias Andengenye who is the Co-Chairpersonof the Committee said that the regional government was satisfied with the implementation of the projects through Kigoma Joint Program that had touched the lives of ordinary citizens in rural area in Kigoma region.

Mr.Andengenye said that despite the success of the program, water and education still need a lot of support due to challenge of demand, calling upo the development partners and donors to give priority to the sectors in the implementation of development projects in the region.

Briefing the delegates, The Coordinatort of the Kigoma Joint Program (KJP), Evance Siangicha said that since the implementation of the program stated in 2017, various development project had been implemented and brought development to the Community of Kigoma region.

Mr,Siangicha mentioned one of the most successful project as water project where a total of seven project have been completed and enable 400,000 people  to access  clean and safe water services near their homes while there are number of project that continued to be implemented.

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