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Minister reminds investors to  comply with NEMC regulations

Minister reminds investors to comply with NEMC regulations

THE Minister of State, Vice President’s Office (Union and Environment) Mr Selemani Jafo has reminded the need for factories to comply with the Environment Management Act for the interest of their investments and the ecology.

He said, as the government was working hard to encourage investment then it is crucial for investors to ensure effective compliance to the laws on environment protection.

Mr Jafo made the remarks on Saturday, during his tour to three factories in Kibaha District, Coast region. He was not satisfied with the mechanisms of environment protection initiatives applied by the two factories including Shark Tachi that has changed the brand to Vunjo Afro Company and Prance International Limited.

The minister therefore directed National Environment Management Council (NEMC) to take appropriate legal actions against the Vunjo Afro Company for the failure to comply with the laws of the country on its operations.

“There are irregularities even in the ownership of the factory, the name has been changed without following the legal procedures amid recommendations from NEMC that are yet to be observed”. Mr Jafo noted.

He said the government would ensure effective compliance of the law and relevant guidelines. Visiting the Prance International Limited, Mr Jafo directed the factory management to work on the guidelines from NEMC on handling and management of the steel ashes to avoid environment destruction especially on water sources.

“This work has to be done by mid of July, this year,’’ said the minister pledging to make follow-up on the implementation of the guidelines.

In another development, the minister commended the Lake Group for the move to support the government’s efforts on fighting the use of firewood and charcoal, by venturing in the manufacturing of gas cylinders.

He said, the massive use of charcoal and firewood in cooking plays a huge role in environmental degradation resulting to drought.

“The government is now encouraging the households to start using gas in cooking as it is cheaper and friendly to the environment,” he explained.

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