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Minister Ndugulile drums for physical exercises

LACK of physical exercises plus poor eating habits have been described as some of risk health factors affecting many people especially youths in the country.

This was said by the Minister for Communication and Information Technology Faustine Ndugulile during the official opening of Apao-Eco Jogging Club at Apao Village in Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam.

He narrated that the two factors are the main cause of non-communicable diseases like diabetes and pressure of which, he said doing exercises and practicing good eating habits are the only reliable medicine to contain them.

“It is sad to learn that many people are not taking active part to engage themselves in body exercises as such, they attract various diseases in their bodies. “Also, poor eating habit is another problem affecting many people as they do not have proper timeframe on what time they should consume, a situation which usually lead to overweight hence diabetes,” he said.

He continued: “We need to build a culture of exercising. One should therefore, refrain from taking a ‘bodaboda’ at a walkable distance since walking is good for the health. “Once you are diagnosed to have either diabetes or pressure, it means most part of your life will be spent on medication simply because you avoid doing exercises and make it a habit.”

On his part, founder of Apao-Eco Jogging Club Jowel Bwemelo said the intention of the club is to jog and clean environment at the same time.

“Why should one jog while leaving behind waste materials? We want to change this negative mind set from people and instead, they should be jogging and picking any waste material they come across to make the environment clean,” he said.

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