PM calls for industrial-driven research works

PM calls for industrial-driven research works

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has called upon researchers and innovators across all sectors to embark on research and innovation of emerging technologies, which can boost industrial growth and people’s livelihood.

Premier Majaliwa also urged industrialists, the business community and economists to merge the findings of their researches in different sectors, in quest to propel the country’s development agenda.

He made the call when gracing the climax of the sixth University of Dar es Salaam Research and Innovation week, which took place yesterday in Dar es Salaam.

“It’s high time research findings to be integrated with the different sectors to yield results that will contribute to attaining productivity. 

“The country faces a huge unemployment problem which can be tackled by research... let us use research to create jobs for our youth rather than waiting for a few jobs offered by the government,” said Mr Majaliwa.

The Premier observed that the use of research to tackle social, economic and technological challenges facing the country would yield positive results and increase more employment opportunities.

He recalled that when President Samia was addressing the National Assembly on April 22nd, this year she emphasised the need for conducting various researches for the country to benefit.

Besides, the President stressed the need for colleges, universities, research institutions to conduct research that will contribute to boosting the economy and industrial development.

Mr Majaliwa also appealed to researchers to increase the scope of their research, which will go in line with the changes in technology.

“The country cannot attain competitive economy by dwelling on imported technology but through good strategic plans, calling upon researchers to embark on more research and innovation aiming to tackle the challenges impeding government’s efforts to build a strong economy,” noted the PM.

Mr Majaliwa went to reveal on natural resource wealth found in the country, noting that good management of the research findings can help the country reap huge social and economic benefits for its people.

The Premier was on the view that any countries that invest heavily in its development programmes needed to take into account proper use of resources, therefore the absence of research hindered any such benefits.

The PM urged universities and colleges to introduce the plan for conducting research and communicating the result of their findings to help strengthen the relationship between research and the market, so as to attract further investments.

PM urged the institutions to conduct more research and made them available for public consumption. 

Likewise, he said, the universities and colleges should establish research departments in the faculties established in the regions.

He also expressed the government's commitment to continue allocating funds for conducting research and innovation.

While presenting her paper on ‘Innovation for Development and Social Development’ Prof Hulda Swai from the Nelson Mandela University in Arusha appealed to fellow researchers to conduct demand driven research for industries that will boost the country's economy.

Prof Swai said Tanzanian researchers are conducting studies that they do not know where and when they will be used.

"We do research to solve the problems,” said Prof Swai, adding it is not enough to keep the studies in the cabinets.

The Minister for Education, Science and Technology Prof Joyce Ndalichako expressed the ministry’s commitment in incubating research and innovations carried out in the country, so as to reflect in the country’s development.

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