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Yes, we must be careful with Covid-19 vaccines

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan on Friday assured the public that the government will be very keen on handling Covid-19, and that it will consider all precautions and expert advice on whether or not to accept vaccines as a remedy to the global pandemic.

Speaking during Eid Baraza in Dar es Salaam, President Samia said the government is extra careful in dealing with the pandemic, insisting that before reaching into any decision, authorities in the government would consider expert opinion and advice on the matter.

The assurance from the President comes at the time when the committee of experts works on the matter before advising the government on the necessary steps to take.

The President, however, cautioned against thinking that the nation is going to receive everything that has been recommended, stressing that “as a country we have to make our own decision”.

What President Samia said must be strongly supported as far as the war against Covid 19, especially the administration of vaccines is concerned.

Exploiting the advantage brought about by the concept of sovereignty, Tanzania, like any other nation in the world, has the freedom to choose its path and modality on how to deal with the world ravaging pandemic.

We fully understand that the World Health Organisation( WHO) is mandated to coordinate global response on emerging global health calamities given the fact that UN organisation consists of top class health experts.

However, given the fact that no one size that fits all, Tanzania must be left to make its own final decision on the approach to deal with the pandemic as it has been the case since the disease emerged in 2019.

It be must be understood that Tanzania is not an Island, meaning that cooperation with other world bodies is vital in addressing global problems.

LAST Thursday the government announced to exempt ...

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