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NMB puts smile to over 1,000 orphans

NMB puts smile to over 1,000 orphans

IN an effort to ensure people of all walks of life wear a smile during the Eid El Fitr Festival, NMB Bank has provided assistance to orphanages in all regions that the bank has branches, reaching more than 1,000 children in 12 centres in the country.

Speaking at the Ijango Zaidia Orphanage at Sinza in Dar es Salaam after handing over the donation, NMB Bank’s Chief Human Resources Officer Emmanuel Akonaay said the Holy Month of Ramadan reminds people of the importance of giving to others, especially those who are less fortunate.

“We, at NMB Bank recognise the Holy Month of Ramadan which is celebrated by more than 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide, among whom are our colleagues, customers, partners, investors and shareholders. This year we have seen it fit to join the children in orphanages in the country in offering this Eid hand donation.

“All religions, Muslims and Christians, believe that the Lord helps the person who helps his brother. In other words, we were created to help others and this is the purpose of our presence here at the Ijango- Zaidia Orphanage, Sinza Madukani in Dar es Salaam,” said Akonaay.

He further said that the donation will also be made by the bank’s employees in all its NMB regions in the country by providing various food stuffs such as rice, cooking oil, sugar and tea leaves.

“We hope to reach 12 orphanages in all regions with more than 1,000 children and give them the comfort of celebrating theday like other children. All these events are proving that NMB Bank is part of the society. At Ijango Zaidia Centre we are happy that this gift will put a smile on the faces of 125 children. May God bless you and wish you Idd Mubarak! ”Said Akonaay.

For her part, the head of the Orphanage, Ijango Zaidia, Zaidia Nuru said: “What you have done is a great thing for these children. We have no parents and you are their parents. God will reward you for everything you have done and be more successful in your endeavors.” Nuru noted that giving is encouraging.

According to Nuru, there are many institutions and organizations in the country, but NMB decided to give to give a smile to orphans across the country.

NMB Manager for Zanzibar Region Donatus Richard said putting smiling to members of the community was part of the bank’s culture “NMB has eight regions across the country, we have provided food and beverage support to 12 centers in eight regions in the country, this is our tradition, “said Richard.

Sheikh of Tabora District, Ramadhani Jum a who participated in the handover ceremony for the Western region said: “NMB has set an example that organizations, institutions and individuals should be touched to help vulnerable children at all times.”

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