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Boxer Mwakinyo downplays Zimbabwean’s record threat

TANZANIA’S top professional boxer Hassan Mwakinyo said the unbeaten record of his Zimbabwean opponent; Brendan Denes doesn’t intimidate him, saying he beat him when they fight for African Championship (ABU) super welterweight bout at Next Door Arena in Dar es Salaam on May 28th, this year.

As per the records Denes, who has so far fought eight fights and won all of them, five by knockout (KO).

The Records also show that the Denes is unpredictable due to the fact that he has been winning by KO in different rounds and that could give Mwakinyo trouble in the bout that has been organised by Jackson Group Sports.

To watch the fight, fans have to pay 50,000/- for regular seats and 200,000/- for special seats.

The boxer’s records also show that Denes managed to win by KO in the sixth round against Mikka Shonena on December 12th last year to take home WBF African Championship.

Earlier, he won the WBO title in the 11th round against Namibian boxer Limbani Chikapa at the Windhoek Country Club Resort, Windhoek on September 28th, last year.

He also managed to win in the first, fourth and second rounds in other fights. Unlike Denes, Mwakinyo’s records show that he has often won between the first and fifth rounds in his 12 fights in which he registered KO.

Mwakinyo has also won six fights by points as per his record. Mwakinyo said that he is currently training intensively for the fight and his goal is to continue with his winning note.

“I am fasting, but it is not a criterion to stop exercising, I am still going strong again, my goal is one, to make Tanzanians happy,” said Mwakinyo. He said he has intensified training schedule to better cope with his opponent as he can never despise him.

Apart from the fight, another Tanzanian star boxer Ibrahim Class will also fight with South African boxer Sibusiso Zingangwe while Shaaban Jongo will face Nigerian boxer Olanrewaju Durodora and Bulgarian boxer Pencho Tsvetkov will face Malawian Limbani Lano.

There were be also expected a thrilling bout featuring Bulgarian female boxer Joana Nwametue who will exchange blows with Zimbabwean Chiedza Namakoma

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