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State pledges support to serious ICT investors

THE government has pledged full cooperation to serious investors to support the fast growing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the country and enhance its contribution to the economy.

The Minister for Communications and Technology, Faustine Ndugulile said in Dodoma that the government is committed in addressing present and future challenges troubling the sector.

“In this country we have many private companies dealing with various branches of ICT. This is a very good pointer that the private sector is in the forefront in promoting ICT. On behalf of the ministry, I promise full government support to the private sector to promote this sector,” he pledged.

The minister said the government will support the private sector without reservations in promoting the ICT sector because it is aware of the irking challenges the private sector is facing in promoting the sector.

The minister’s pledges and reaffirmations come shortly after a Dar es Salaam meeting of stakeholders in the ICT sector discussed progress of and challenges facing the sector and calling for government intervention.

During the meeting, Tanzania National Council (TNBC) Executive Secretary, Dr Goodwill Wanga told delegates that the government is doing its best to ensure internet services are available countrywide to help the private sector increase efficiency.

“We are all witnesses to how the ICT has benefited the private sector. For example, we have reached a stage where business is also being done online,” he said.

Sahara Ventures Managing Director, Mr Jumanne Mtambalike told the meeting that the sector was bedeviled with many problems and called on the government to establish a special fund to promote the sector.

“Out there you see many able youths to employ themselves using ICT; they have idea and startups. However, the challenge is difficulty in getting working capital. Therefore, we appeal to the government to intervene by starting a special fund to help these young people,” Mr Mtambalike said.

Speaking during the occasion, the Head of Innovation and ICT Strategies Huawei Southern Africa, Dr Bello Moussa said.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming and technological progress is driving global development, it is a high time now for Tanzania not to lag behind, but to catch up with the rest of the world by working on the areas that will expedite it in the next five years.”

He mentioned such areas that include national ICT planning for the digital economy, national wide high-speed broadband network, universal coverage for rural areas, increase fiber deployment, digital services, and ICT skills and professionals.

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