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Tanzanian on course to conquer  world’s tallest mountain

Tanzanian on course to conquer world’s tallest mountain

TANZANIA’S fame on different accounts is set for new heights as a daughter of its soil, Rawan Dakik stays on course to be the youngest African to climb the worlds’ highest Mountain – Everest.

Dakik (20) is about to set a record also as the only Tanzanian female to conquer Everest, having successfully completed the first rotation of the 6,400 metres that took her four days from Everest base camp that is on 5,300 metres above sea level. She is expected to start her second rotation from this today that will take her up to 7,200metres for five days consecutively.

“Normally it takes about two months to climb Mount Everest; this is the time when the weather is favourable for climbing,” Dakik, who is Arusha region resident, said.

She still has one more rotation and the final push to summit the world’s highest peak at 8,850metres before the end of this month. Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) – the parastatal organisation that has the mandate to manage all areas designated national parks tweeted to wish Dakik the best on her new endeavour to conquer seven major mountains of the world.

“We wish you all the best in climbing Mount Everest Dakik Rawan. From the highest freestanding Mountain in the world (Mount Kilimanjaro) to the highest Mountain in the World. Tanzania to the World,” TANAPA that manages 22 national parks tweeted.

Mount Everest is still the ultimate mountaineering adventure. To stand at the pinnacle of the earth is one of life’s most rewarding experiences and now it has attracted the first Tanzanian climber, who is already in Nepal on the mission that will decorate her and the country.

An attempt on Everest is an undertaking which requires a huge amount of dedication and determination. Mount Everest—known in Nepali as Sagarmatha and Tibetan as Chomolungma—straddles the border between Nepal and Tibet at the crest of the Himalayan mountain chain. Although reaching the top of the world is an arduous and potentially deadly undertaking due to the extreme altitude, avalanches, icefalls, and other hazards, the mountain lies quite close to the equator, at a latitude of approximately 28 degrees.

Prior to her departure, Dakik had climbed Mount Kilimanjaro - with an elevation of 5,895 metres above sea level as part of her training for Mt. Everest. That allowed her to get used to high altitude, improve fitness and also gave her a chance to stand on the roof of Africa for the fifth time

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