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TBS imparts knowledge to councils’ officials

TANZANIA Bureau of Standards (TBS) has offered training on standards and quality assurance to government officials from Morogoro region.

The training centred to better impart the knowledge to entrepreneurs engaging in various manufacturing activities in their respective councils.

The TBS Manager of Training and Research, Mr Hamisi Mwanasala, said here over the weekend that the training was the implementation of the instructions given by the Minister of Industry and Trade Prof Kitila Mkumbo.

Recently, Prof Mkumbo ordered the Bureau to train government officials from the councils countrywide on standards and quality assurance so that they can become ambassadors of the knowledge and skills to easily reach entrepreneurs.

“We have provided training to government officials from the district councils so that they may in turn serve better entrepreneurs in their respective areas,” he noted.

He said TBS has opened zonal offices countrywide but it has been difficult to reach all people though the training of councils’ officials would be fundamental in serving better entrepreneurs so that their products can meet required standards.

Speaking at the event, Morogoro Regional Administrative Secretary Emmanuel Kalobero said the region had many manufacturers but produce low quality goods due to lack knowledge on standards and quality assurance.

Some participants, one a health officer, from Ifakara town council Jafari Hamisi and acting Agriculture Officer from Mvomero District Suzy Mazengo said the training would enhance performance in the implementation of their daily obligations to help manufacturers produce high quality goods that meet TBS standards.

“We will meet and provide education to entrepreneurs undertaking manufacturing activities in the councils where we work in order for them to produce high quality goods that meet the required standards,” Mr Hamisi said.

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