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Oil traders receive TBS training

Oil traders receive TBS training

A TOTAL of 282 Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) and traders from Morogoro Region have been trained and equipped on various issues pertaining to standards on the whole value chain in edible oil.

The special training targeted SMEs and traders who are dealing with production, distribution and sales of edible oil in marketplaces within Morogoro— from Morogoro municipality, Mvomero District council and Gairo township council.

Speaking on behalf of TBS Director General Dr Athuman Ngenya, the Bureau’s Manager of Training and Research Hamisi Mwanasala, said that the training was part of implementation of government directives through the Ministry of Industry and Trade asking it to conduct such assignments countrywide.

Apart from officials from TBS, the training also involved officials from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Weigh and Measures Agency (WMA) BRELA, Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO), district business officers, health and social welfare from respective councils.

He said the government recognizes and value the contribution of SMEs including those dealing with edible oil sector in building the economy, hence the training meant to build their capacity so that they can produce more edible oil with required quality and standards.

“This training involved provision of awareness education into markets and along road side where many traders sell edible oil”, he said.

TBS Quality Assurance Officer Gudila Boniface said that in order for edible oil to meet required standard a farmer should follow good farming procedures, processing and hygiene.

She said the agricultural procedures include planting of quality seeds and timely harvest of the crops. On good processing practice, she said it includes use of quality raw materials, use of processing materials that does not decay and those recommended by experts.

“They should make sure that packaging materials or containers which they put edible oil are clean and put labels which have information regarding the product, otherwise it is not acceptable to do contrary to the directives,” Ms Gudila said.

TBS urged the stakeholders to certify their products, register food and cosmetics products and their business premises and contact them whenever encounter challenges.

Apart from Morogoro similar training has been conducted in Dodoma, Singida, Tabora , Kigoma, Iringa, Njombe , Mbeya and Songwe regions

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