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Dar, Pretoria eye improved business relations

Dar, Pretoria eye improved business relations

TANZANIA is looking forward to improving business relations with the South Africa for mutual benefits.

President of the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industry and Trade (TCCIA) Mr Paul Koyi said there was a need of cementing the decades-long cooperation between the two countries which in turn will see trade and investments reaching new heights.

“TCCIA has the responsibility to raise constructive business discussions for the growth of the country’s economy as far as trade, business and investment are concerned,” the president of the chamber said in a statement.

Mr Koyi made a visit to the South African High Commission in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday, noting that South Africa, which is one of the richest African countries, features on the list of Tanzania’s top trade partners. South Africa imported 743 million US dollars goods from Tanzania in 2017.

On other hand Dar imported goods worth 437.7 million US dollars to Pretoria in 2018.

The TCCIA President made the visit to the high commission to strengthen and promote business relations between Tanzania and the South African business communities.

The Charge de’ Affaire of the High Commission of South Africa in Tanzania, Ms Stella Vuyelwa Dhlomo, said her country was looking forward to collaborating with TCCIA for the pre-established South African Tanzania Business Forum (SABF).

“It has been a great pleasure for the embassy to host the TCCIA president and look forward to collaborating with the chamber for the pre-established SABF,” she added

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