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Samia lays down marker

Samia lays down marker

....Scolds JPM comparison

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan yesterday scolded some MPs, who propagate social media debate of comparing her performance with the late former President John Magufuli.

She criticised that the lawmakers were losing time by comparing her with her predecessor, emphasizing that her leadership was just continuation of the fifth phase government and would carry on with implementation of at least 18 priorities as initiated in the previous leadership.

She made the remarks yesterday in Dodoma when speaking at an event organised by the religious leaders to make special prayers for the late Dr Magufuli and honour his leadership.

“It is saddening to see that MPs shift social media discussions into the Parliament, instead of discussing issues of national interest, those discussions are unhealthy, focus on discussing the budget. You (MPs) compare Magufuli and I, without knowing that we are just the same, you should work in accordance with the duties of the Parliament,” she stated.

With her ascendancy to presidency coming as a result of the passing on of Dr Magufuli, Samia reiterated that things would continue in the same direction taken by the previous regime, with only further improvement pursued.

President Samia insisted that the sixth-phase government would maintain all the good things that the previous government stood for as part of the national development agenda.

The Head of State mentioned the implementation of over ten agenda items as engineered in the previous phase, including carrying on national values such as national unity and solidarity.


Her government, she said, would carry on efforts to translate the macroeconomics into the microeconomics, so as to bring impact to Tanzanians.

She vowed to sustain the fight against corruption, embezzlement and theft of public funds as well as continue installing accountability in public services delivery.

President Samia further said her government will continue with efforts to strengthen social services provision and availability of safe water, provision of justice and accomplish strategic projects.

Further, she pointed out that strengthening the business environment by implementing the blueprint and improving international relations will also be among her government's priority. 

She emphasized all the listed priorities were undertaken by the previous fifth phase government.


"That's why I maintained the cabinet, I just moved some of them so as to increase efficiency in the implementation of the set priorities," she said.

This was the first time for President Samia to meet the clerics since she took oath of the top office after the death of Dr Magufuli and thanked organisers of the event.

“Let me thank God for granting us good health and giving you (religious leaders) this idea to conduct this forum, which has brought inspiration to the country,” President Samia said.

President Samia said she recognised Dr Magufuli's attachment with religious leaders, whereby the late leader would often engage them in government and national development activities, and she promised to keep that spirit.

The president thanked the religious leaders for being with her, shoulder by shoulder since the death of Dr Magufuli, saying that their prayers gave her strength during that hard time.

She also used the platform to urge the Muslims to use this Holy Month of Ramadan to pray for national peace and unity and bring themselves closer to Almighty God.

“Our country has no religion, but the constitution has given room for people to believe in different faiths. I dare to say that in East Africa, Tanzania is the only country which continues to be strongly united despite ideological disparities,” she said.

She assured that her government will continue cooperating with and engaging religious leaders in its activities since the group has a big number of followers.


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Author: BERNARD LUGONGO in Dodoma

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