Babati hosts basketball coaches, referees courses

Babati hosts basketball coaches, referees courses

AFTER successfully constructing the public basketball court, Manyara region plans to conduct coaching and refereeing course late this month.

The first ever court has been constructed using resources available and stakeholders support.

Organised by Tanzania Basketball Federation (TBF) in collaboration with Manyara Basketball Association (MBA), the week-long courses will be conducted in Babati from April 23rd to 29th this year. Manyara built the immaculate basketball courts which was officially opened last month by Manyara Regional Commissioner Joseph Mkirikiti.

Since its opening, basketball popularity in the region has gone up considerably. TBF president said Phares Magesa recently that the federation through its coaches and referees commissions, has been working hard in collaboration with regional associations to conduct training for basketball coaches and referees in various levels.

He said that this time around the courses have to be conducted in Manyara in a bid to promote the game there. Also speaking to ‘Sunday News’ from Manyara yesterday, Charles Baguzu, the Manyara Regional Sports Officer, said the courses are organised as a step forward after building the public courts.

“We are very happy that we have managed to build public courts before March this year, we had only two courts which were not for public (Manyara Seminary at Mburu and Singe secondary).

“We now have courts for the public, but that is not enough if we cannot develop technicians who will oversee the whole idea of constructing the courts,” he said.

Baguzu added that the aim of the two courses is to produce coaches and referees who will develop young players and ensure the courts are effectively utilised in promoting and developing the game.

According to organisers the courses will be held at Kwaraa venue in Babati town. The participants will also be awarded certificates of attendance.

According to the organisers, the course will be conducted by Alfred Ngalaliji and assisted by MBA Chairman, Zuberi Ombella. Manyara conducts the second course after the first one staged in Dar es Salaam.

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