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UN General Assembly pays tribute to fallen JPM

THE United Nations General Assembly has paid tribute to the late President John Magufuli, describing him as a noted proponent of infrastructure development and industrialisation, which are vital tools for economic advancement.

According to the UN Secretary-General António Guterres’s remarks, the late President Magufuli sought to expand access to social services and tackle corruption.

He said Tanzania reached its ambition of becoming a middle-income country 4 years ahead of its 2025 goal.

“We are gathered today to honour the memory of Dr John Magufuli, the late President of the United Republic of Tanzania. As we convey our condolences to the government and people of the United Republic of Tanzania, we also recognise the service of President Magufuli,” noted Mr Guterres.

He added that the late president also helped strengthen the education system and increase enrolment rates of new students into secondary schools.

The UN Secretary said the late Dr Magufuli’s administration improved rural electrification in the country, with ambitions to expand Tanzania’s electricity generation capacity to enable nationwide energy access.

“On behalf of the United Nations, I once again offer our condolences to the late president’s family, the government and people of the United Republic of Tanzania,” remarked Mr Guterres.

Moreover, the UN Assembly expressed recognition to the country’s long history of support for multilateralism and applauded its dedication to international and regional cooperation.

Mr Guterres said the UN Assembly reiterates its commitment of continuing to work closely with President Samia Suluhu Hassan, saying the UN stands with Tanzania in advancing sustainable development.

“I take this opportunity to reiterate and reinforce the commitment of the United Nations to continue working closely with his successor, President Samia Suhulu Hassan, the country’s first female President. We stand with the people of Tanzania to advance sustainable development and support their aspirations for a prosperous Tanzania for all,” he noted.

On his part, the Permanent Representative of Tanzania to the UN, Prof Kennedy Gastorn said the late President Magufuli was a towering figure who inspired many across the world, and spoke truth to power, and did so through tough love and in the tradition of humility.

He said: “he will always stand out as an unrelenting and a hard-working leader, a true patriot and great statesman with a humble and selfless disposition,” Prof Gastorn told the UN Assembly that the late Dr Magufuli was a paragon of virtues, an economic national who believed unapologetically on self-development.

“Dr Magufuli was a visionary leader and an ardent Pan Africanist who believed that Tanzania, Africans and the entire humanity deserved the best,” said Prof Gastorn.

Dr Magufuli (61) died on March 17 at Mzena Hospital in Dar es Salaam and was buried on March 26 in his home village of Chato in Geita region.

President Samia Suluhu Hassan, who took over following the death of her predecessor, said that Dr Magufuli died from heart condition that he had struggled with for the past 10 years.

Magufuli’s deep affection to the country prompted his government to undertake various development projects and institute changes that have brought tangible results to the nation, among others achieving the middle income status vision ahead of schedule.

The late Dr Magufuli has been described as an iconic leader and a statesman who did much for the country and who always desired nothing but the best for his country and Africa.

President Samia Suluhu Hassan will swear in ...


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